Active projects

Redesigning Psychiatry (dutch, english)

This research through design programme aims to change mental health care in the Netherlands at multiple levels, including everyday use of clinical language, the concepts and methods used for research and diagnosis, and the design of technologies and built environments.


A small Python package providing iterator streams between coroutines with async/await syntax. The paradigm resembles channels in Go and CSP, but the implementation uses generators and asyncio to keep everything lightweight and pythonic. Version 0.4 is available on PyPI. Version 1.0, which will have a slightly different API, is under development.


A Jekyll theme for profile websites, written in Sass and Liquid. It is used on this website.

Past projects

Medical Trust Beyond Clinical Walls

The purpose of this project is to investigate how patients with chronic diseases establish trust in forms of treatment and monitoring that involve telecare, the use of technology at home in interaction with online systems. Furthermore, the project aims to evaluate when this trust is well-grounded, and to develop guidelines for the responsible deployment and further innovation of telecare services with an eye on promoting reasonable patient trust, autonomy, and self-management.

A companion website for high school teachers and students during 2011-2015, when our textbook, Vrije wil, was used for the Philosophy central exam in Dutch high schools.