Tilburg University
PhD Philosophy, cum laude, 2012.
MA Philosophy, research master, cum laude, 2007.
MA Philosophy, cum laude, 2006.


Reframing Studio
Researcher and core team member for the Redesigning Psychiatry programme, 2015–present.
University of Twente
Lecturer, 2017–2018.
Postdoc researcher, 2016.
Privacy and data security consultant, 2016–2018.
Eindhoven University of Technology
Guest researcher, 2015–2017.
Postdoc researcher, 2013–2014.
Tilburg University
Lecturer, 2012–2013.
PhD researcher, 2006–2011.
University of California, Riverside
Visiting scholar, 2007.




University of Twente
Ethics of Technology, BA-2 Health Sciences, 2017/2018.
Ethics of Prevention, BA-1 Health Sciences, 2017/2018.
Ethics of Mental Health tutorials, BA-2 Psychology, 2016/2017, 2017/2018.
Introduction to Ethics, BA-2 University College, 2016/2017, 2017/2018.
Academic advisor, BA-1 University College, 2017/2018.
Ethics in Design, BA-2 University College, 2016/2017.
Introduction to Philosophy, BA-1 University College, 2016/2017.
Eindhoven University of Technology
Design project supervisor, MSc Human-Technology Interaction, 2012/2013.
Tilburg University
Philosophy of Science, BA-2 Economics, 2012/2013.
Philosophy of Science tutorials, BA-2 International Business Administration, 2012/2013.
Philosophy of Psychology tutorials, BA Psychology, 2000/2001.